The center of spiritual life for any culture revolves around symbols. These timeless symbols are still cherished and meaningful.  Their  power and effectiveness have increased through the ages.  These symbols radiate hope and inspiration. 

Live the Best Life possible. These beautiful Spiritual Symbols have the power to improve your life.  These Talismans provide comfort and hope, they Protect You and Give You Strength. They bring a Meditative Calmness into Your Life.  

Sacred Spiritual Symbols Collection

The Wayfinder Sacred Symbol


The Study of Man is the very definition of Anthropology.  The study of Anthropology and Archaeology enlightens us beyond the written records to the life of the ancient peoples who through their spiritual beliefs discovered the efficacy of symbols to heal illness, to uplift the soul, to guide one in life's choices, to  protect from all dangers and to find inner peace.  To celebrate this community of scientists The Comfy T Shirt Collection was designed for you.

Be noticed in the best way possible. All the designs on every shirt are my original designs found nowhere else.  Wear these shirts comfortably all day, they are printed to leave a nice soft image on the shirt because the inks sink into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it. 

The Comfy T Shirt Collection

anthropology t shirt with a trowel


Stay connected to what you love and the let the coffee pour where it may. Start the day at home or the office with one of these beautiful coffee mugs.

 The Coffee Time Collection

archaeology coffee mug with crossed trowels on it