Based on the research from the last 50 years in Neuroscience and Psychology. 

The subject of the efficacy of Spiritual Symbols to improve your Well-being can be explained by science and spirituality both.  Give me 10 to 15 minutes to give you a detailed explanation after which you will see there is no need to jump off the metaphysical cliff.  What is required however is to open your mind to the research that has been done in the last 50 years in neuroscience and related disciplines.

When I talk about spirituality, I am using the meaning of being spiritual as it relates to the recognition of  a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than yourself, something more to being human than sensory experience.

 Celtic symbols have been cherished for thousands of years.  

There is a mountain of scientific evidence from the scientific fields of Neuroscience and Psychology proving the power of your mind to effectively make changes with your body and life.  The ancients knew this intuitively.  Tribal elders, religious leaders and shamans have long employed the use of visual symbols to focus the mind into a conduit for guidance, protection, enrichment, healing and change.

The power of a Talisman has traditionally been ascribed to whatever religion or spiritual practice the religious leader or shaman was a disciple of.  The difference between ancient times and now is we now know where the real power comes from.  Science has now caught up with what the ancients knew quite well, Symbols and Talismans work based on the principles of how your mind and consciousness work.

Vegvisir -The WayfinderThe symbol above is from Iceland and called The Wayfinder or in Icelandic 'Vegvisir'.  This Talisman is used to guide you in your travels and bring you safely home.  It is also a Spiritual Compass that guides your heart and helps you make the right decisions in life.

How Talismans and Ancient Sacred Symbols Improve Your Well-being

Attracting good into your life with Spiritual Symbols involves all three major aspects of life:  the physical, the mental and the spiritual. 

If you are one of those who do not believe in anything spiritual then stop reading after the section on ‘The Mind’.  If the scientific research hasn’t convinced you by then, nothing will.  If you lean towards spirituality, the science behind Spiritual Symbols does not debunk anything you would believe in, quite the contrary it will reinforce a believe in the wonder of man and workings of consciousness.  If you consider yourself religious, I am simply asking you to keep an open mind.  A lot of very religious people believe in science and also know that God has unlimited ways to bestow Divine Providence.  

How do Spiritual Symbols bring good into your life?  I am going to explain that to you right now. 

The Physical

The physical element is the Talisman itself.  The Talismans I offer to you here are made by me one at a time from earthenware clay and purified in firing to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1094 Celsius).  Holding the Talisman in your hand or having it placed where you can see it everyday provides you with a tangible manifestation of a conduit through which your thoughts and emotions employ the principles to attract your good into your life. 

Having a physical object to focus on is a powerful tool.  You might be thinking you could just visualize an ancient symbol or simply use the power of positive thinking to attract what you want to manifest in your life and that is one technique that a lot of people use.  However, it is not nearly as effective as having a physical object in front of you to focus on and identify with as a means which brings into your life the increases in well-being you desire.

I keep referring to a Talisman as a conduit because that is what they are.  They do not have any indwelling mystical or magical properties.  That is what an Amulet is believed to have.  Amulets are objects inherent with magical properties from the get go.  Nobody makes an amulet and puts the magical or mystical powers into it.  It comes that way with its powers and emanates those powers outward into the surrounding space affecting those that enter into the area of its influence.

Talismans on the other hand are created by man from raw materials.  Spiritual Symbols are created to attract and not to broadcast. Most talismans are inscribed with a meaningful symbol.  This symbol represents the intent and power of the talisman. 

bindrune to attract happiness in the home

Viking bindrune for attracting a happy home


The very definition of Modern Man begins with the creation of symbols for use in rituals, communication and art.  All communication between humans is through symbols.  Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures, ideas and most importantly visual images.  A symbol is a visual shorthand. Once the meaning of a symbol is known, that meaning is instantaneously comprehended in your consciousness whenever you see it.  A symbol conveys in an instant an abstract idea that would take pages of traditional language to explain.  Therein lies the power of a talisman, it gives one the ability to instantly cognize a whole volume of knowledge at a glance.

All the Spiritual Symbols made here at this site are to improve your well-being and to protect you against negative influences coming into your life.   

The Mind

You do not need to believe in magic or have faith in any metaphysical teachings for a Spiritual Symbol to work for you.

Shamans and religious leaders have used talismans to invoke supernatural powers to effect healing, prosperity and protection among other things.  I think it’s perfectly understandable that before the age of Science people assigned supernatural causes and theories to phenomena they didn’t understand.  For example, many believed in ‘spontaneous generation of species’ because it explained such occurrences as the appearance of larvae on decomposing food materials.

What we take for granted today the ancients would certainly call magic. To us electricity is taken for granted but the simple act of flipping on a light switch to turn on a light would have been considered a great magical act if it was witnessed by anyone thousands or even hundreds of years ago. 

white willow bark used as aspirin

Okay, we all get that so what’s the point?  The point is that it is easy to dismiss ancient beliefs and practices as mired in ignorance.  However, there is a sizable scientific body of knowledge that has been gained by looking at ancient practices through a scientific lens.  One we all can relate to is the use of herbs and various medicinal plants for healing.  We could have had a dismissive attitude about chewing on willow bark but then we might have missed out on aspirin. 

The effectiveness of Spiritual Symbols to create a positive change in your life is real.  It is a missed opportunity to assign them to the backwater of superstitious beliefs. 

The Reticular Activating System.

The ‘Reticular Activating System’ or RAS is the command and control system for the human body.  This system of nerve cells sits at the top of the spinal cord resting between the brain and the rest of the body. The RAS acts as a filter for the 100 million pieces of information that come into your brain every second, however, we can only consciously process a mere 40 pieces per second.  Quite a big spread there I would say.  Without the Reticular Activating System to filter this massive amount of information we would all go crazy on information overload.

picture of the reticular activating system

In the diagram above the Reticular Activating System is colored red.  All the sensory information that comes into your brain goes thru the RAS to be cataloged, prioritized, and directed to the appropriate part of the brain.  Looking at the diagram above you can see that the impulses from sight and hearing go thru the RAS and then from there are directed to the area of the brain that will assimilate them properly, this is the same thing that happens for every stimulus that you experience.  However, because we can only consciously pay attention to such a small fraction of that information the prioritizing of what needs to be presented to our conscious awareness is the job of the RAS.

Let’s do a little experiment and for this I don’t’ want you to move at all, remain still. Right now, you might be sitting in a chair or laying down or standing up.  Probably one of those for sure.  How do your feet feel?  Can you feel the pressure of standing?  What about the pressure that sitting has on the bottom of your feet?  Maybe you are sitting and have your feet and legs curled underneath you, feel any pressure on your feet?  Maybe you lying down under the blankets of your bed, feel the pressure of the blankets on your feet?  Just think about your feet for a second.  Can you feel them?  Of course you can but why didn’t you feel them before I brought it up?  The same signals or stimuli that gave you the awareness of the presence of your feet were coming into your brain just as completely and strongly as before you consciously made the decision to become aware of them.  But… but you were not even thinking about your feet at all.  What’s the deal?

types of exteroreceptors

We know that the sole of each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings called exteroreceptors.  Exteroreceptors are nerve endings that sense stimuli originating from outside of the body, such as pain, touch, vibration, temperature, visual info and sound and then transmit that stimuli to the brain through the RAS. 

So, you have 7,000 exteroreceptors on the sole of each foot and they are on 24/7, there is no off switch at any point in the day.  How come you didn’t feel your feet before I asked you about them?  There are millions of nerve cells throughout the human body that collect and transmit information to the brain.  In each ear there are over 20,000 hair filaments in the inner ear transmitting impulses and each eye has between 770,00 and 1.7 million nerve fibers that help transmit sight to the brain.     

What’s the point?  The point is all of the nerve endings in your body contribute to the 100 million pieces of information a second that come into your brain for cataloging and processing and if you where to be aware of it all at the conscious level you could not handle it and your head would explode.  Fortunately, heads are not exploding all around us because this processing happens automatically below your conscious awareness unless… unless you are directed to pay attention to it.  And when you are directed to pay attention to it the director or head of the command and control center – The Reticular Activating System – fetches the information and brings it into your conscious awareness.  Pretty cool huh?

You might be thinking that if the RAS is that important and vital how come I haven’t heard more about it.  Well it was not identified as such until the late 1940’s early 50’s.  And since then relatively little scientific study has been done with it.   After all it is not part of the brain proper but rather is the top section of the spinal cord.

Studying the brain involves studying the cerebellum, the cortex, the this, the that and the RAS has been relatively unstudied until recently.  The truth is nobody knows how it works. The Reticular Activating System monitors and directs instructions to keep the body running but how is still unknown. 

Nevertheless, scientists are now understanding the importance of the Reticular Activating System especially in relation to reasoning, introspection and of the most vital function of all… attention.

diagram of reticular activating system

The RAS somehow scans and shifts through billions of pieces of information to bring to our conscious attention what it deems we want to know about.  The entire process and functioning is a mystery. Some are leaning towards the Reticular Activation System as being the seat of human consciousness itself.

In the brain we have the areas that are for sight, different area for emotion, math, hearing, bodily functions, etc.  If we use the computer as an analogy for the brain, there are different apps you have on your digital device.  When you want to type a document, you open an app for that.  Want to play a game open an app for that.  Lots of apps for graphic image manipulation that can used.  But nothing gets done until you do the clicking on the keyboard or the tapping on the phone or tablet.  You have this incredible device full of apps but it needs operational direction for it to do anything.

how a talisman helps you realize your goals

Same with the brain.  Human consciousness is monitoring the Reticular Activating System as it’s physical operating device.  The vast majority of the action that goes on with the human body is in the unconscious part of the mind but when something comes up that is deemed requiring your attention the RAS brings it to the foreground and into your conscious awareness commanding that attention. 

Here’s an example.  Let’s think about your left forearm.  Before I mentioned it you weren’t thinking about your forearm at all but once you read about your left forearm the impulses from that thought brought into your conscious awareness your left forearm.  This happened because the visual impulses from seeing the words on the screen got to your brain through the RAS and were directed to be read by the cerebrum and then once understood the signal comes back out to the RAS to be red flagged for attention.  You might have looked at your left forearm even. 

picture of an ant

Okay, let’s say I did not mention your forearm at all like I just did.  And then let’s say an ant somehow got on your forearm and started to walk across it.  Now before that ant got on you, you hadn’t been thinking about your forearm at all.  No reason to, however, your forearm was still being monitored by the stimuli from hundreds of thousands of exteroreceptors in the skin, it is just that all the information is coming in and being processed below the conscious level because there was no reason to draw attention to it. 

Once the ant’s presence has been detected on your skin by the exteroreceptors that sensation was sent back to the brain through the RAS to the right place and immediately the alarms go off and that piece of information got red flagged to bring into your conscious awareness via the RAS and it tells you, ‘Dude, there’s a bug on your forearm.’

It does that because you have programmed yourself to call attention to bugs crawling on you.  The functioning of the Reticular Activating System to bring into your conscious awareness things you have designated as attention worthy is programmed into your DNA. 

graphic picture of brain

Again, 100 million pieces of information (a conservative estimate) come into you a second but you can only process 40 pieces of information at the conscious level.  How the RAS sifts through all of the 100 million pieces of information to determine what is red flagged for your awareness is not known (by science).  But what is known definitively is that you can tell the RAS what it is you want red flagged for your attention and when the Reticular Activating System spots that information it will bring it up to your conscious awareness.

And there it is right there.  You can willfully direct the Reticular Activating System to work for you. By understanding this you can bring your good into your life.  You will begin to see new opportunities, more options and creative solutions to get to where you want to go. 

Talismans and The Reticular Activating System

The reticular activating system is a powerful tool that nature has given to us.  If it can make us aware of ants on our arm why not use it to focus on and improve your health, increase your wealth and happiness?  By utilizing Spiritual Symbols you can maximize to full advantage this powerful inherent system to achieve all you want.

B.F. Skinner quote

Here is how you can use a Symbol to Improve your Well-being.

When you set a goal, any goal, you are communicating to your RAS that any information it runs into about the goal is important to you.  Your Reticular Activating system then goes to work and red flags for you any information coming through it associated with that goal and brings it to your conscious awareness, the RAS can also scan your memory for related information.   

What is so powerful here is that words are unnecessary to communicate or convey a message. Once the meaning of a symbol is known, the symbol conveys the complete thought or concept for which it stands without the use of words to describe it and this is transmitted instantaneously.

You do not have to perform any other actions other than a glance at a  Symbol or the holding of it in your hand for the process of activating the principles to move you towards improving your Well-being.

Another great property of the brain is neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual's life and that is a good thing.   You can create new neuro pathways that will reinforce the workings of the RAS.

andrew weil quote

This is how it works with symbols.

Seems like most people would like to improve their financial situation.  I can’t actually think of anyone who would not.  One of the Talismans I have to help you create wealth is this one.

viking bindrune to attract wealth

It is a Bindrune.  A Bindrune is created by using Runes from the Ancient Norse alphabet called the Elder Futhark. 

This Bindrune has been created by binding three Runes together.  The first rune is called Fehu and this rune commonly signifies ‘wealth’.  The second rune is called Algiz and this rune represents ‘protection’.  The third rune is called Wunjo and this rune represents ‘joy’, ‘pleasure’ and ‘bliss’.  The combination of these three runes forms a Bindrune Talisman that is to attract wealth, keeps it safe and makes it enjoyable therefore it is the Bindrune to attract Wealth.

Now that you know the meaning of this Bindrune when you hold it or have it sitting on your desk and look at it you simply think to yourself, “This Bindrune is to attract wealth into my life, quickly and in peace.”  I always like to add ‘quickly and in peace’ because you don’t want it to take a long time and you don’t want the wealth to come at a cost of tumultuous happenings.

The semantics of the thought you want to bind together with your Talisman is very important.  Notice I did not say “This Bindrune is attracting…”  instead I said “This Bindrune is to attract…”.   There are two counterproductive aspects to saying “is attracting”.

The first one is something we’ve already gone over and that is the Talisman does not contain magical powers. When you say or think the ‘Bindrune is attracting’, you are giving the power to the Talisman and not yourself to effect change.

The second reason is this.  You don’t really believe that the Talisman has the power to attract wealth to you in the first place.  If you say “is attracting” you immediately will think either subconsciously or consciously, “yeah, right” and that will be instructing your RAS to red flag for your attention information that does not support you in your efforts to improve your wealth and in fact might be counterproductive. 

Your dominant emotion about a particular thought is what gives the direction to your RAS not just the thought itself.  If your emotion is doubt or disbelief then the thought has very little power to direct the RAS to mine the vast amount of information coming to it every second for your benefit. 

 Look at the Talisman and hold this thought about it, “This Bindrune is to attract wealth into my life, quickly and in peace”, full stop, end of thought.  There is no need or reason to be skeptical because you are not thinking about what the Talisman is doing or capable of doing you are only thinking about what the Talisman was created for.

Having welded the thought “This Bindrune is to attract wealth into my life, quickly and in peace” to the Talisman, the RAS goes to work.  From the 100 million pieces or more of data each second that comes in it will scan and red flag bits and pieces of information to bring to your attention ways to increase your wealth.  You will start to notice articles in the paper, online, on your phone, snatches of conversation from nearby persons, radio, tv and any and all sources of information.  Things that were there before but you never noticed.

Oprah quote

Hold on there dude, you might be thinking, I been wanting to create wealth for a quite a while now.  That is probably true but how have you been thinking about it?  Have you been thinking you need more wealth in your life, because if you have been thinking in those terms the dominate emotion behind those particular thoughts is ‘lack of wealth’.  Say what?

When you want something, that alone implies a sense of lack and the dominate emotion is the feeling of lacking what it is you want.   When you ask for something the dominate emotion is the feeling of lacking what it is you are asking for.  When the dominate emotion you are feeling is lack for something, you will be directing your mind and consciousness to be focused on lack of that thing or object of your desire instead of the fulfilling of it.  This will diminish your ability to manifest whatever it is.


Emotions are by far the main driver and decider of how you live your life.  There have been many studies done in psychology and in neuroscience that have conclusively proven the point. 

Every decision we make is influenced by emotion.  Most people will tell you they make decisions based on rational thinking but the reality is we all make decisions with our emotions and then justify them with logic.

Willie Nelson quote

The best example I can give as proof is the Automobile industry.   The Automobile industry spent over 35 Billion dollars on advertising in 2018.  That’s a lot of money.  Their 30 second TV ads cost tens of millions of dollars to create and they spend hundreds of millions running them.  With all that money in play the auto companies do not guess about how to make ads that work.  They have paid psychologists and sales experts a ton of money to tell them the most effective way to sell. 

Consider this also, your vehicle is the second biggest purchase you will make, the home being the biggest.  Not only that, we all know that when you buy a car the value of that car starts to go down the minute you buy it.  The vast majority of autos sold are not bought for cash either, the new owner goes into to dept to pay for it. 

So, the auto industry is asking its customers to purchase the second biggest item they will ever purchase and to go into debt to do that knowing that when the vehicle is paid for it will not be worth nearly what it cost them to begin with.  That’s a big ask and a tough sell.  What is the selling strategy they use to get that accomplished?

Emotion is single biggest driving method the auto industry uses.   You can’t watch TV for more than 15 minutes before you see a car commercial.  No part of any new car advertising on TV targets your rational thinking, it’s all about targeting your emotions.  They never talk about features like mpg, reliability factors, total cost of ownership, and other point by point features of the car that the rational mind would use to compare and evaluate.

No, they go right to the emotions and stay there for the whole ad.  There was an ad this holiday season for an expensive SUV.   The ad starts with the handsome man driving the vehicle through the mountains with a satisfied look on his face.  You can imagine the song ‘Born to be Wild’ playing in his head as he grips the wheel while driving like he is in a Grand Prix race.  Then he comes home and you find he bought the SUV for his beautiful wife and two beautiful children and they are sitting in it because it’s the perfectly warm and fuzzy mom car too.  There is not one single mention of any feature the rational mind could use to evaluate the vehicle in this auto ad, not one and yet it costs tens of millions to make and hundreds of millions to run constantly for two months.

You don’t spend that kind of money on a wish and a prayer.  They know what they are doing based on results. 

People make their life decisions on emotion and rationalize them with logic.

When you are taking into account the considerations of how to improve your Well-being you need to make sure that your thoughts are aligned but your thoughts sit on top of the real power, your emotions.  And if your emotions are skepticism and doubt you are not going to get very far.

When you are holding this Wealth Talisman in your hand think that it is created ‘to attract’ and not that it is ‘attracting’ for the reasons I have already stated.  It might seem inconsequential but it is not.

Wealth has other meanings than financial gain.

John Lennon quote

Creating inner peace is a goal we all seek.  Everyone would like to have a wealth of happiness, love and fulfillment in their lives.  The White Lotus Flower symbol provides you the opportunity to achieve those ends.

white lotus flower symbol

The Lotus Flower is the most revered flower in the world.  The White Lotus flower symbolizes purity and fulfillment.  Because the flower starts to grow in the muddy, murky depths and rises above to the surface to bloom, it is symbolic that no matter where you start off in life and no matter what you're going through, you have the ability to rise above, overcome all negativity and find happiness as you emerge from your struggles.


A Lotus has as its fundamental meaning the state of becoming awakened to the wonders of it all and has been used since ancient times as an aid in meditation and prayer.  

Using this Talisman can lead to the great treasure of inner peace.  The thought to hold and weld to this Talisman is “This White Lotus Flower Talisman is to attract inner harmony, calmness and contentment - quickly and in peace.”

There is a sequence of events that takes place when you see the talisman after having associated the thought that the Lotus Flower talisman is to attract inner peace. You see the talisman and those visual sensory stimuli travel to your brain through the RAS to the part of the brain that will recognize the symbol and also the associated meaning you have given it.  The message to the RAS is first of all this is an important symbol because you have given it that designation.  The next thing that happens is the RAS will now respond by searching the memory and scanning all incoming data to find ways for you to attain inner peace. It will then start to bring this information to your conscious awareness for you to act upon.

The message you gave to the RAS is that the Lotus Flower talisman is to attract inner peace.  But how will it happen? Where does the inner peace come from? You don’t have to worry about that.  You have turned it over to the RAS, your mind and most importantly your individual consciousness.  And here is the good news, the great news really, no one knows you better than your own consciousness.  The information that will be red flagged for you to attain inner peace will be specifically targeted to you and your circumstances. 

a path through the woods

You might remember a nice walk in the park or a nature trail that was particularly peaceful.  Thoughts of an inspirational book you’d read or your attention will be drawn to a new book that would be beneficial for you to read.  Through media or other sources, you will get flagged about other means to attain inner peace, perhaps yoga, meditation, talking to the right person or engaging in the creative processes whether is through art or cooking or whatever relaxing activities that will provide inner peace for you.

Something vital to consider, whatever information that pops up in the front of your awareness on how you can attain inner peace will only work to your advantage if you act on it.  You will be provided the direction to the path but it is up to you initiate the action to walk that path.

I would like to recap what we've talked about so far.  I first started out talking about holding the physical Talisman in your hand.  Then I explained how the Reticular Activating System works by bringing to your attention information that is presented in front of you all the time but under your radar until you direct the RAS to notice it and then it becomes glaring obvious.  I then discussed how your emotions are the true guiding force in your life.

The Spirit

As far as science is concerned no one can explain individual consciousness, it just exists.  When I say no one, I am not talking only about your family or friends, I am talking about no one as in any person in the scientific field or medical field.  Quantum Mechanics has however given us the understanding of Universal Consciousness.

Theoretical physicists have long looked for the underlying phenomena of existence.  That value of which there is no getting behind it or under it or outside of it.  Quantum Mechanics tells us the underlying phenomena of all manifestation is a universal consciousness.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to connect the dots between universal consciousness and individual consciousness.

quote on universal consciousness

I have written a concise summery about Universal Consciousness here.

I don’t what to go over that again so I would encourage you to read that post.  But I would like to say that there has never been a culture and there has never been a time when the belief of a universal consciousness did not exist.  Thanks to quantum mechanics, physicists have been able to conduct experiments that collaborate the theory of universal consciousness.  Individual consciousness and indeed all of manifestation arises from universal consciousness. 

The fundamental axiom of all Spirituality is ‘all is in The All and The All is in all’ or we/all of manifestation exist as one.  This awareness of the connection between your individual consciousness to universal consciousness is the beginning of spiritual enlightenment.

picture of primitive man looking at the stars

Since the start of Cultural Anthropology as a science we have known through the study of primitive cultures that they universally believe in supernatural forces controlling the world.  This belief in a universal consciousness typically is manifested in any particular culture as their religion and or supernatural convictions.  As matter of fact the more primitive the culture the more they believe that both the animate and inanimate contain the spirit of life in them.

I am not trying to say that ancient mankind tens of thousands of years ago was spiritually enlightened in the sense we use the term today.  What I am saying is that the awareness of spirit or a supernatural force is very ancient and in fact one of the hallmarks of the rise to modernity of man.  Paleoanthropologists do not know how far back it goes and most likely we will never know but some indications are hundreds of thousands of years.  There are indications Neanderthals had this sense of spirit also.

Regardless of Neanderthals or how many hundreds of thousands of years ago this belief in the supernatural began with Homo sapiens, it is nonetheless now a part of our DNA.  How can I say that a belief is part of our DNA?  In the same manner that the expression of gratitude has been shown to be linked to specific genes and part of mankind’s DNA.

picture of I Am Thankful talisman

You can read all about that here in this post on I Am Thankful.

When talking about the brain, the mind and consciousness there can be some confusion.  These are three distinct aspects of the human experience.  The brain is the physical part you can see.  The mind uses your brain but is not the brain.  The mind is the part of you that is referred to when you hear about being conscious or unconscious.  You can not see the mind only the results of it in action.  Your mind is part of your consciousness but consciousness envelops and transcends the mind. 

Consciousness is your surface awareness but also operates on all levels of your being accessing memory, knowledge and wisdom.  Your consciousness is the real eternal you. Your body and the brain and mind are the physical manifestation of you at any point in time but not you.  Science is unable to explain consciousness, it is one of the great mysteries to them but not to everyone.

Carl Sagan quote

Medical scientists will doubt your consciousness as being a separate aspect of your life or having an existence at all.  They will point to the fact that in doing experiments they can stimulate different parts of the brain and elicit different responses of the mind.  They point to the fact that brain damage can occur and it affects the person’s ability to function.  Because of these things they will claim the brain and the mind are your consciousness.

However, the brain is not the physical link to consciousness, the RAS is.  When your Reticular Activating System gets damaged there is no partial functioning, you either go into a coma or die.

The best analogy to visualize this is the TV analogy.  If you think of the TV as your brain then the internal components would be your mind.  So, if the picture on the TV goes out it could be the video card, if the sound goes out it could be the sound card.  There are a number of things that can go wrong or get damaged that would make the TV not function as it should but it does not mean the signal is bad. 

tv satellite above earth

In this analogy the signal is your consciousness.  The TV signal can be strong and clear but the TV can sustain damage in various ways and it affects its functioning.  That doesn’t mean the signal is bad.

To push this analogy further let’s say the signal comes from a satellite.  The satellite will send out the TV signal but why can’t everyone pick it up and use it.  I mean if you pay Direct TV or Dish for your signal why can’t all the neighbors use it too?  The satellite is beaming it down from space isn’t it?  They can’t use it because you have a unique identifying number attached to your signal that makes it yours.  

Your consciousness is a totally unique partition (excitation) of universal consciousness yet one and the same.  Individual particles that make up the visible universe also have an existence at their fundamental level as uniquely partitioned parts (excitations) of quantum fields.  These quantum fields rest on top of the greater unlimited, eternal whole of universal consciousness. 

Here is an experiment you can do right now.  Go outside and look at all the tv signals coming down from space.  What is that you say, you don’t need to go outside, you know you can’t see them.  Yet when the TV is turned on you have a picture… hmmm…

You can’t see the wind yet you can feel it on your face.  You can’t see electricity yet you use it every day.  You can’t see the TV signal but you watch TV.  Hold on dude, you might be thinking.  That does not prove individual consciousness yet alone universal consciousness exists just because I can’t see them.  

You might be thinking, yeah, I can’t see that stuff but I can prove it’s there scientifically.  You know there is an atmosphere with gases that have molecules and that is what you are feeling for the wind.  You know there are electrons that flow(?) through wires to bring me electricity.  You know that radio waves or electromagnetic radiation bring the TV signal to my TV.  

picture of the atom

I agree with all that but as long as we are using science to prove a point let’s look further into it scientifically then.  I am not going to get into a big long science lesson here mainly because you can google it and get all the information you want.  What I am going to say is what you already know.  When you drill down and down into matter or particles you go smaller and smaller until you pass electrons and protons and all that and then you get to quarks and even further.  We all know that.  The bottom line is everything comes down to fields of energy. 

Okay I lied.  Here is the science lesson but it is not long.

Everything you see and touch around you doesn’t exist as solid objects at the fundamental level.  Matter is composed of indivisible quantum particles.  These quantum particles are held together with invisible forces that act across empty space.

The particles themselves are excited states of a quantum field called ‘excitations’.  Particles are an excitation or ripple or bundle of energy of an underlying quantum field. This is true for electrons, quarks, gluons, leptons, fermions, W boson, the Higgs boson and all other particles.  There are 24 unique, fundamental excitations of quantum fields possible.  The entire universe or all of manifestation is considered a complicated quantum field.  Everything you see or what we call matter is a derivative of an excitation in a quantum field.

What is the point of all this quantum stuff anyway and why I am asking you to read about it?  Well the overall reason is I am trying to explain to your rational mind how a Spiritual Symbol or Talisman can work for you to improve your Well-being.  When I get to the spirituality of it, I don’t want you to think I have abandoned all reason and jumped off some new age metaphysical cliff.   Everything I say can be collaborated in the field of physics.  Not that that is necessary but it strikes me that a lot of people when they look around them have a hard time believing in spiritual matters and if there is a rational foundation for them to hang on to it makes it easier to consider the validity of what I am about to say.

We do not know the answer to every question.  There, I have said it.  Shocking news to you I know.  Don’t know gravity, don’t know black holes, dark matter, don’t know a lot of how the mind works and certainly do not know anything at all about individual consciousness except it exists.

We do know about universal consciousness however.  Several Nobel Prize winning physicists are on board with the concept and there have been several experiments that indicate its validity so you don’t have to take it on faith.

Individual consciousness is a direct link from you to universal consciousness and back again.  It functions on a different plane of manifestation than gravity, relativity, quantum mechanics or any other force.   The chair you are sitting in or the clothes on your body work themselves up to tangible physical form through quantum fields starting out as an excitation then on to electrons, quarks, gluons, leptons, fermions, W boson, the Higgs boson and up to protons, neutrons, then atoms, then molecules and then then sooner or later a new pair of shoes.  Gravity works on… well we have no idea.  Individual consciousness is a totally and separate phenomena from all that.  It rests directly in universal consciousness, no in between business at all.  It is just like the signal from the satellite being beamed directly to your tv.  It is no wonder then that individual consciousness is inexplicable to most, it is not in any arena where science is looking.

Individual consciousness means we are aware of ourselves, our feelings, our emotions and our thoughts.  But we know from our recent discussion on the RAS that we have an unconscious aspect to our mind also.  This unconscious consists of the processes of the mind which happen automatically and not brought into conscious awareness unless deemed noteworthy by conscious intention.  The reality is the majority of your life is governed by the unconscious in regions of your mind completely behind the scenes but monitored by the higher level of you which is your consciousness.

Not only does the unconscious run the automatic processes of the body but it also problem solves for us below the radar.  Everyone has had the experience of struggling to solve a problem or difficult situation and then after a nap or a night’s sleep being able to see the answer to the whole thing.  It is classic right?  In fact, it is a common recommendation to ‘sleep on it’ when having a difficult time solving problems.  ‘Sleep on it’ is proof consciousness works while the mind is not conscious.

Carl Jung quote

The individual consciousness has a connection through universal consciousness to what Carl Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’.  This ‘collective unconscious’ is accessed from our individual consciousness and it contains archetypes – images and concepts with universal meaning that come to us from the shared past of humanity and has memories and images in it from a collective evolution.   Problem solving while asleep comes not only from your life’s knowledge and problem-solving capabilities of your own mind but also from the shared data base of the collective unconscious.  Quite the statement I know.

The collective unconscious is like the individual consciousness, it rests in universal consciousness.  The collective unconscious can be accessed by you and is on a regular basis by your own consciousness.

Sacred Symbols have great power attached to them from the belief in them by hundreds of millions of people across thousands of years.  It is the belief or unqualified faith from your consciousness that brings forth the manifest from the unmanifest.  And that is why I went through that song and dance about not thinking “is attracting” but instead thinking “to attract”, it was to eliminate doubt as much as possible.  It is faith absolute by you that changes your life in any manner you desire. 

Faith absolute is a hard thing to come by, especially when trying to bring into your life that which is not there.   However, the less doubt you have the better off you are in manifesting your goals. 

The challenge of manifesting your desires is not in somehow figuring out how to manipulate that which is outside of you.  The challenge is to stay focused in an emotionally positive way internally to the achievement of your goals.


Meditation improves your Well-being, full stop, end of story.  Every single person in the medical profession, in the clergy, in the psychological fields, in the counseling professions, including all self-help advice, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil and Oprah all agree that meditation is good for you.  There is no single profession or person that cares about improving the Well-being of others that does not recommend meditation regularly.

Meditation gets you in direct touch with and aligns you to the source of all manifestation - ‘The Universe/Universal Consciousness/God’ - enabling you to better actualize your hopes and dreams.

Neuroscientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (along with hundreds of other studies) have studied meditation with large size groups and using MRIs and various other means where able to measure the effectiveness of meditation.  Here are some the findings when the study groups were asked to meditate about 20-30 minutes a day.  It only took about 8 weeks to show changes in the brain.

  1. It helps the practitioner deal with the stresses of their daily lives.
  2. It improves one’s brain function. And it can change the physical appearance of the practitioner’s brain for the better.
  3. Creates calmness, better able to handle more difficult situations, compassion and open hearted, and able to see things from others’ points of view.
  4. Decreased stress, decreased depression, anxiety, pain and insomnia, and an increased quality of life.
  5. Lowers blood pressure.
  6. Enlarges the area of the brain that governs learning, memory and decision-making, and reduces the part responsible for fear, anxiety and stress. 
  7. Better focus, more creativity, better memory.
  8. More positive emotions, longer-lasting emotional stability, and heightened focus during daily life.
  9. Reduces the decline of our cognitive functioning, chronic pain, sleep problems, and gastrointestinal difficulties.
  10. Harmonizes both brain hemispheres creating deeper thought, super creativity, excellent mental health, enhanced memory, and clearer thinking.

‘The Universe/Universal Consciousness/God’ is waiting to bestow all manner of abundance, happiness and love to you.  That is the true nature of reality.  It is your job to be open to it.  The meaning of life and the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.  This holds true on the cosmic level and for you personally. 

However, ‘The Universe/Universal Consciousness/God’ is not a capricious enterprise.  ‘The Universe/Universal Consciousness/God’ is governed by very specific laws.  You are not going to wish for money and then open the door the next morning and find a bag of unmarked tens and twenties on your door step.  You are not going to realize inner peace and happiness without taking the steps to make that happen.

You need to stay focused on your goals with a positive emotional outlook.  To help stay focused it is so much easier when you have a tangible object to focus on to keep in the forefront of your attention the good you want to come into your life, quickly and in peace.

Spiritual Symbols and Talismans keep you focused.  That is why I say they act as a conduit.  They channel your conscious attention with the help of individual consciousness to connect with universal consciousness.  This process sets in motion the activation of drawing to you the means for the fulfillment of your goals. 

The Final Step

As you start on the path we’ve talked about to actualize your goals you will begin to see new opportunities, more options and creative solutions to get to where you want to go. 

Then you take the final step - Action. 

There is a 100% guarantee that the path to achieve your desires will be brought to your conscious attention (more than likely several ways will be brought to you).  I am not saying that by taking action the hard work begins, I actually think the opposite.  Following the course of action we have talked about will get you where you want to go with the least amount of effort for the best result.  Because a major part of this exercise is that it presents to you the ‘path of least resistance’. 

The path of least resistance is the path that takes the least effort in the quickest manner to achieve the greatest result.

For you to be successful in fulfilling your desires you are the one that has to take action and that is the good news.  That is the best news possible actually because it means when you take responsibility for your own actions, you are not dependent on anyone else. 

Closing Thoughts

Sacred Symbols and Talismans have improved the Well-being of humans for thousands of years.  To dismiss the efficacy of them because we now live in the age of science is an error.

It is heartening to know that the spiritual principles employed in actualizing your goals are steadfast and resolute, they have not been comprised at all in this ‘Age of Science’.

I will leave you with a list of seven takeaway points highlighting the fundamental tenets to effect positive change and improve your overall Well-being.

  1. The Reticular Activating System, using the unconscious mind, sifts through hundreds of millions of pieces of data per second and red flags for attention that which we have directed it to.
  2. We make decisions with our emotions and then justify them with logic. Positive emotions produce superior results.
  3. Sacred Symbols and Talismans have been used for thousands of years by hundreds of millions of people to achieve goals and improve Well-being.
  4. The images of Sacred Symbols and the knowledge about them are contained in the collective unconscious of mankind and their positive influence is accessed through our individual consciousness.
  5. Meditation helps to align your individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness to better enable you to actualize your goals.
  6. The final step for success is for you to take responsibility in initiating action to take advantage of the opportunities, options and creative solutions that will come to you.
  7. All is in THE ALL and THE ALL is in all.

Thank you for reading this article and I sincerely hope that your good comes to you quickly and in peace.