Each Talisman is created by hand, one at a time by me, using earthenware clay.  I first take a hand full of clay and shape it.  When I get the piece shaped the way I want it I then impress a symbol into the clay. 

red earthenware and white earthenware clay that is bone dryclay that is bone dry

After the clay dries (bone dry) I then fire the pieces in my kiln at roughly 2,000 degrees fahrenheit (1,094 celsius), after this first firing it is then called bisqueware.  I then apply various glazes made from natural minerals and fire each piece a second time (a glaze firing) giving them their beautiful appearance.

In the next photo you can see how the color of the clay changes after it has been bisqued fired.  Bisqueware is now ready to be glazed.

picture of red and white bisque fired ceramic clayclay that has been bisque fired

The good news is because I create each piece one at a time by hand there will be very small variations in size and color tone.

They range from 10 to 12 ounces ( 284 to 340 gm) and are approximately 3.5 to 4 inches (8.9 to 10.2 cm) across. 

Each Talisman is truly unique which is what you are looking for.  Because of it's uniqueness your Talisman will be yours alone, no one else will have the exact same one.

Small variations in handmade artwork are what give each piece its own 'charm'.  These are not manufactured in some plant by a robotic machine and that is readily apparent when holding them.  They truly have that unique warmth of hand about them that can only come from the individual attention and care they receive during the creative process. 

If it sounds like I am proud of my work I am.  These Talismans are from earth and you can feel the power of that when you hold them.  I use glazes made from only non-toxic oxides and minerals which are then mixed with silica, the most abundant material on the planet.  The result is not only do you have an ancient Talisman attracting Your Good to You but you also have a beautiful and unique work of art.