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Since the dawn of man, humans have counted on spirituality to live happier, more fulfilled and better lives.  The outward expression of being spiritual comes in many forms but every expression of spirituality has as its basis the connection to the holy or sacred.

There have always been many ways in which different cultures, religions and people of spiritual beliefs experience the sacred or holy.  But one thing they all have in common is the material expression of spirituality is deeply rooted in symbols.  Indeed, since the very dawn of culture, mankind has recognized the material expression of the holy and sacred through symbols.

The Wayfinder symbol to guide you and keep you safe.

'The Wayfinder' symbol from Iceland keeps the traveler safe.  It also guides and helps you make the right choices in life. Icelandic Symbol, The Wayfinder.

Once the meaning of a symbol is known, that meaning is instantaneously comprehended in your consciousness whenever you see it.  Each look at a spiritual symbol brings about a renewed connection to the sacred and holy. 

Buddhist White Lotus Flower for inner peace
The Lotus Flower is the most revered flower in the world.  Meditating on the Lotus Flower brings Inner Peace.  Buddhist meditation symbol.   

In the spiritual realm there are symbols of great power due to the reverence by millions of people through thousands of years.  These symbols can and will make a difference in your life.  The principles they embody are timeless as are the Sacred and Holy they signify.  

The healer's hand contains healing and curative powers.

Ancient Native American symbol called 'The Healer's Hand'.  This symbol contains therapeutic and curative powers.  Native American healing Symbol.

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