The Four Best Christmas 2017 Gifts for Archaeology, Anthropology and Human Evolution.

Here are the four Best 2017 Christmas Gifts for those with an interest in and passion for Archaeology, Human Evolution, Anthropology and Fossils.

We all know gifts reflecting a person’s interests show thoughtfulness on the part of the gift giver.

There are a lot of gift giving opportunities throughout the year but Christmas is the biggest.  Luckily here at Gallery of Skulls we have you covered.  The gifts we offer are only found here and are totally unique which is great because no one has seen these anywhere else but here.

From premium quality, individually hand painted one at a time ceramic dinner plates to Comfy T Shirts, Coffee Time mugs and Skull Art Posters we have the ideal Christmas gift for the person in your life that has a passion for Archaeology and Human evolution.

One:  Comfy T Shirts 

Everyone loves a good t shirt.  We all wear them, they make great gifts and are easy to ship and inexpensive. Enjoy a soft and luxurious feel against your body with these combed and ringspun cotton shirts.

The Dead Speak but only if you know how to listen.

Three Archaeology T Shirts

Yes, you are a Neanderthal. Say it loud and proud.

Neanderthal T Shirt

Who is your favorite hominin?

Human skulls on t shirt

There many more great shirt designs for you choose from.  Just jump here.

Two.  Coffee Time

Nothing better in the morning than that first cup of Joe and we have you covered.  Heck, buy a few mugs, some for home and the office.  These wrap around images are great.

Anthropology coffee mug

There are seven different hominin coffee mugs to choose from.  Here is Mrs. Ples if you please, she is an Australopith.  Grab your cup here.

Australopithecus africanus coffee mug

Three:  Posters

The Human Evolution Series of Art Posters makes a fantastic gift.  These art posters are created from original skull sketches based on actual fossil discoveries.  One great feature of the posters is that because they measure 18 inches high and 24 inches wide I was able to have the skulls shown at their actual size.  The caption at the bottom gives the life span for each species on that particular poster. The posters are printed on a heavyweight archival paper with archival inks in the USA.

Heidelberg Man skull art poster

A picture to help give some relative size perspective.

Heidelberg Man skull poster with apple and bike

Other selective animal skull posters are available also.

Alligator skull poster

These posters are a conversational piece in any room.  Love those skulls.

You want to talk special and unique?  Great!  Check out these dinner plates.  Dishwasher and microwave safe they are the most unique dinner plates you will find.  Each one is totally hand painted and fired in my studio with my own kiln to 2,000 degrees F.  There are 7 different hominin species to collect with two views of each one.

human skull and Homo naledi skull

The heavyweight plates are 12 inches in diameter.

shows the dinner being 12 inches in diameter

  The hominin skulls on the plates are actual size. See the whole collection.

Neanderthal skull hand painted on a ceramic plate

Finding gifts to celebrate a passion for Archaeology and Human Evolution can be a challenge.  You want something unique, you want something nice, you want something that will be loved and appreciated.  The Gallery of Skulls believes we can help you out.


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