Big News! Name Change.

Hello, big news.  I am announcing a name change for my Anthropology site.  

 The old name was Gallery of Skulls.

The new name is,

'The Study of Man' with the url ---

The very definition of Anthropology is ‘The Study of Man’, so... an appropriate name change for sure.

Everything is the same except for the name.  I changed the name to better reflect a wider range of topics I will be exploring.  The exploration into the evolution of consciousness is a fascinating and important topic to the overall understanding of how modern man became modern man. 

Chances are we will never be able to point to a date like say 467,000 BC on September 16th at 5pm when Homo sapiens level of consciousness became fully modern man.  An approximation even within ten thousand years might the best we will ever come up with. 

One thing is for sure, the use of symbols for communication, for use in rituals and for the creation of art is the beginning of the legacy for modern man.  Symbols are the foundation for civilization.  Symbols are the most powerful archetypes in the collective human consciousness.  Symbols can transform an individual’s wellbeing. 

The triple spiral symbol called the triskele was in use 5,200 years ago at the Newgrange tomb in Ireland.  Its oldest known use is in Malta 6,500 years ago.  This symbol and variations of it has been in use all over the world in all times from all cultures.

entry stone at Newgrange tombThe entry stone at Newgrange tomb in Ireland

This ancient image of a labyrinth is found all over the world also and in basically the exact same form. It has been used by cultures that could not have had contact with each other but still looks the same with the same meanings attached to it.

the Hollywood Labyrinth
the Hollywood labyrinth

The power of symbols and their use is one of endless fascination and the topic I will be talking about a lot going forward.  I hope you will like learning more about symbols and the importance they play in your life.

unalome, a Buddhist symbol for enlightenment

The above is an unalome.  It is the ancient Buddhist symbol for enlightenment.


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Kevin Lakins

Beautiful symbol, Good conversation to have. Great new name too.

Erin Aitken

WOW! Love it! Very cool!

Jay Boyle

Great name change and URL! Love the Ancient symbols theme too. Keep up the good work. JB

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