Ancient Alien TV Show vs What the...? vs Anthropology

I am pretty sure I know how the Ancient Aliens TV show got started.  A bunch of archaeologists were sitting around the fire in the evening on a dig somewhere just shooting the breeze and one of them says, “Hey, you know what would be really funny…”

We’ve all watched the show so don’t deny it and I have to admit it is funny.  One of my favorite episodes is the one where Aliens came to earth because they were looking for gold and they found it here.  However, they didn’t actually want to dig it up themselves so the most advanced life form to do their bidding was Homo erectus but H. erectus was not smart enough to dig gold for them.   So, they manipulated H. erectus’ DNA and bred Homo sapiens so we could operate the gold mines for them.   Very plausible and I am sure that’s the way it happened. 

Ancient Aliens TV Show

The Aliens show is very entertaining and I would not want to discourage anyone from watching it because it is great fun and you do learn a lot about how humans could not find their own ass with both hands if it weren’t for Ancient Aliens. 

The Expanse TV Show

As scientists back here on planet earth we have to deal with actual facts.  As the saying goes, ‘You are entitled to your own opinion but not to your own facts.’  And therein lies the rub doesn’t it.  Facts are the facts and they are all around us.  So as rational people we all look at the same facts and come to the same conclusions... right? 

Let me stop right here and get down to the point of this post. Everything always Changes.  There I said it.  The universe itself is in motion and change.  The galaxies expand and rotate, on earth the continents move around, mountain ranges grow and others weather away.  

Homo sapiens traveled to North America between 200 and 140,00 years ago.     Just let me explain myself before you strike up the Ancient Aliens band.

Pictures from a site 130,000 years ago in CA

A January 25th article from CNN (and all the other major news sources) reports what is for me the breaking news for 2018 so far.  Anthropologists discovered fully modern humans in the Misliya Cave, in Israel.  The date for these modern humans is just about 200,000 years ago.  This means that now there is proof positive that modern humans left Africa 200,000 years ago which is about 50,000 years earlier than previously thought.  Not only that but Israel Hershkovitz, the study author, says “we now believe modern humans came out of Africa 250,000 years ago.” 

The CNN article goes on to say that the evidence is piling up pretty high that modern humans split off from Neanderthals and Denisovans as far back as 500,000 years ago. 

Modern human bone fragments you can pick up and hold in your hand have been found in China dated to 250,000 years ago.  This to me means they were there long before that.  After all Homo erectus sites of 1.6 million years ago have been dated in China.  Given now that modern humans migrated out of Africa before 250,000 years ago they could have easily trekked to the frozen land bridge across the Bering Strait and traversed it between 200 and 140 thousand years ago and found themselves in North America.

For a North American site there is no actual fossilized hominin bone you can hold in your hand and say, “See! See!”  That definitive piece of the puzzle is not yet available… not yet.  Let’s think of the cave remains from Jebel Irhoud and the Misliya cave so recently dated.  And let’s not forget that for the last 50 years a push back for modern humans from 50,000 years old to 500,000 years old took place.  Everything always changes. 

The richness and complexity of our understanding of the human lineage has often gone through some pretty amazing changes.  However, I think we are really close now to having an excellent grasp on the big picture.  If only those Ancient Aliens would just give us the final clue.


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